Popping and drying using 100% wind energy

The picture says it all. The source of our most important ingredient milk in harmony with the source of our sustainable energy. This is how we put sustainability into practice and take responsibility for environmental health. Read more about what sustainability means to us!

we process cheese

In addition to producing our products with clean and sustainable wind energy, there is another significant contribution we make thanks to our unique production method. Our cheese products have a much longer shelf life than regular cheese, even without keeping them refrigerated. Thus, our efforts impact sustainability in two ways.

Although basically it may not be the responsibility of the industry, a very significant part of the cheese (products) produced ends up, unused, in household waste bins. It either concerns cheese that is only partially used and then stored until mould indicates the end of its shelf life or products that have expired which contain cheese as an ingredient. In both cases, unnecessary energy has been used for the production and refrigeration of food products that aren’t consumed in the end. When it comes to sustainability, food waste is often an underexposed aspect.