quality & food safety

As an industry, we are responsible that consumers of our products can trust that the food they consume is of undisputed quality. Quality that guarantees food safety. We know that quality is a verb. Processes and checks and balances must be 100% effective. We owe this to consumers, but also to our chain partners.

we process cheese NL Z4023 EG Quality & Food safety

The quality of our products is essential for our industrial food partners. With this in mind, we allow our products to leave our factory. Remembering it time after time.

Next to the level of food safety, quality also determines the level of flavours, structures, shapes, nutritions, packaging and labelling of our products. To meet the consumer and industry demand the highest standards are in place. For this reason, Cheesepop food group, for example, only works with top-quality cheeses. We don’t compromise on that. After all, this is the only way towards guaranteed traceability and quality.

…the only way towards guaranteed traceability and quality

the outstanding international reputation of Dutch dairy

For centuries, the Netherlands is recognised for its outstanding quality and reliability when it comes to the production of dairy. On the one hand, this is because of the long agricultural tradition that caused the transmission of specialised knowledge across generations. On the other hand, an extensive and effective quality system, supervised by the Dutch government, ensures a first-class dairy chain. This mix of knowledge and supervision safeguards the exceptional Dutch dairy reputation.

The Dutch government monitors the quality and safety of dairy products through an inspection body specifically focused on the dairy chain: the Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk Products (the COKZ). Dairy companies in the Netherlands can be officially certified by the COKZ. Each factory receives its own approval. An oval can be found on the packaging of most dairy products. If a factory is approved by the COKZ

Cheesepop food group is certified by the COKZ and received its own approval: NL Z4023 EG.

zuivel ovaal NL Z4023 EG dairy oval