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From the heart of the Netherlands, we process cheese using state-of-the-art, specialised, high-tech equipment. Our carefully designed processes ensure that we comply with the highest food safety standards. In such a way, we always guarantee top quality products.

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Since 2009, our passion for technology and cheese has been the driving force in optimising our revolutionary production method. Our strive for innovation made us pioneers in the field of developing a production technique that could literally make cheese pop. Using the latest scientific knowledge and building on the most stringent regulations we make popped cheese and extremely dried grated cheese that is being valued worldwide.

We consciously choose to manufacture our products in-house exclusively, on Dutch soil. Soil that is famous for its tulips, windmills and wooden shoes. The Netherlands, also known as Holland or Amsterdam, has an outstanding international reputation when it comes to the production of dairy. And we are proud of that!

We process cheese
The art of popping


Cheese is a natural product. Influenced by, for example, seasonality cheese characteristics can vary. Our popped cheese is made of 100% cheese. To ensure a consistent supply of our popped cheese throughout the year, we possess – in addition to our high-tech manufacturing equipment – one very important asset: Craftmanship!

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we process cheese

Popping and drying using 100% wind energy

The picture says it all. The source of our most important ingredient milk in harmony with the source of our sustainable energy. This is how we put sustainability into practice and take responsibility for environmental health. Read more about what sustainability means to us!

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Quality & food safety

As an industry, we are responsible that consumers of our products can trust that the food they consume is of undisputed quality. Quality that guarantees food safety. We know that quality is a verb. Processes and checks and balances must be 100% effective. We owe this to consumers, but also to our chain partners. Read more about how we process cheese.

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The quality of our products is essential for our industrial food partners. With this in mind, we allow our products to leave our factory. Remembering it time after time.