Processed cheese

Processed cheese is real cheese with a small amount of melting salts. These melting salts give the cheese unique characteristics, such as a more controllable melting point, longer shelf life and a homogeneous texture improvement. Next to these unique characteristics, processed cheese offers considerable cost saving opportunities for the food manufacturing industry.

Processed cheese analogue analog cheese

With over 30 years of experience our team of developers have all the knowledge about developing the finest processed cheese products. Our specialized team know all the factors that play a role in producing high quality processed cheese products that meet the demand of our customers and markets.

Due to the short communication lines between product development and operations we can develop and produce in a fast and efficient way. Therefore, we can deliver high quality products in a short time frame. The range of our processed cheese products is extensive, from hard and sliceable to soft and spreadable. Next to our regular assortment processed cheeses we also deliver customized solutions for various applications within the food manufacturing industry.

In addition to producing our products lean and with clean and sustainable wind energy, there is another significant contribution we make thanks to our production method. Our processed cheese products have a much longer shelf life than regular cheeses. Thus, our efforts impact sustainability in two ways. Reducing the impact of CO2 emissions and reducing food waste.