Popped plant-based cheese

Our new innovation popped plant-based cheese balls fit perfectly in today’s consumption trends. Delicious as a snack, but also great to be used as crouton, or as ingredient in the food manufacturing industry. By popping the 100% plant-based cheese, crunchy and airy plant-based cheese balls are created, with an intense cheese flavour.

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When you heat corn, the water inside transforms into steam, the kernel bursts and is turned inside out. Its structure changes. Corn becomes popcorn. Which set us thinking… What would happen if you did the same with cheese… If you could make cheese pop. Would the structure of the cheese also change? And how would it impact its taste and shelf life?

These are the questions we asked ourselves years ago at Cheesepop food group. We succeeded in this after some intensive research and development. We have developed a unique production method, enabling us to pop and dry our premium plant-based cheeses to unprecedented levels, using 100% wind energy. Our plant-based cheese is popped to obtain a completely different, crunchy structure, but it is still 100% plant-based cheese. Because of this production process, the cheese has a very intense, airy cheese flavour.

When our crunchy plant-based cheese products roll off the line, they contain less than four percent moisture and have an extremely low AW value. This means that our 100% plant-based cheese products have a shelf life of more than a year.

Benefits of popped plant-based cheese

  • 100% plant-based, 100% vegan
  • free from allergens
  • intense cheese flavour, great crunch
  • source of vitamine B12
  • long shelf life, limited food waste and loss costs
  • fits in today's consumption trends