Main packaging types

We pack our popped cheese and dried grated cheese in three types of packaging. Small bags, round cups and large bags. For each packaging type, various weight options and dimensions can be chosen. Next to our brands Cheesepop® and UP-grated®, we also offer private label options!

In some situations, packaging is a marketing tool. In any situation, packaging is a crucial element concerning food safety. A properly closed packaging protects our products against external influences. It also acts as a ‘seal’. A seal that gives the industry or the consumer the ultimate feeling of confidence: The confidence of guaranteed food safety.

Cheesepop for food service non-branded
Main packaging option

Our small bags

Our small bags are intended for the ‘on-the-go’ consumer who is craving for an instant energy boost. This can be while travelling, after a workout or during the day. In addition, these bags are also very popular among kids, to take to school in your lunch box. The plain small bags can be used in the fresh food manufacturing industry as crouton sachet for ready meals, pre-packed salads, soups, pastas and pizzas.

Main packaging option

Our round cups

Our cups are intended for consumers who are looking for a ready-to-eat, pure, savoury snack that they can instantly serve their family and friends when enjoying a drink together.