Dried grated cheese

Our crunchy cheese strings. Not only can they be used as crunchy grated cheese topping on a wide variety of dishes, but it is also a unique ingredient for the food manufacturing industry. By extremely drying the grated cheese, the strings become surprisingly crunchy with an intense cheese taste.

dried gouda cheese gouda cheese

What if you were to extract moisture from cheese to an unprecedented level? How would it impact the flavour and shelf life of the cheese? Would this change its structure? And if you pulled this off, would you be able to use it as ingredient in the food manufacturing industry, while retaining the bright colour and unique shape of grated cheese?

These are the questions we asked ourselves years ago at Cheesepop food group. We succeeded in this after some intensive research and development. We have developed a unique production method, enabling us to dry our premium cheeses to unprecedented levels, using 100% wind energy. Our dried grated cheese is dried extremely to obtain a completely different, crunchy structure, but it is still 100% cheese. Because of this production process, the cheese has a very intense, airy cheese taste, without artificial additives.

When our dried cheese products roll off the line, they contain less than four percent moisture and have an extremely low AW value. This means that our 100% cheese products have a shelf life of more than a year.

Nowadays, the demands and requirements for food production have changed. People are increasingly focused on their food and know very well what they want to eat, or not. Food must be tasty, as well as healthy, nutritious, and sustainable.

Benefits of dried grated cheese

  • clean label - 100% cheese
  • premium nutritious ingredient
  • intense cheese taste and structure
  • water activity < 0.6, long shelf life
  • no refrigeration required
  • moisture content < 6%