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Popped crunchy cheese as ingredient

Mixed nuts & crunchy cheese balls

Nut mixes are more popular than ever, being a great choice when looking for healthy and nutritious snacks. Traditional ingredients like almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, seeds, dried cranberries or raisins are quite common, however there is something new making your nut mix even tastier, while the benefits remain: popped cheese. Discover our high protein, gluten free, vegetarian and clean label ingredient for your products!

Advantages of adding popped cheese

  • shelf stable and long shelf life
  • water activity < 0.45
  • moisture content <3%
  • no moisture migration < >
  • clean label and no preservatives
  • no refrigeration required, sustainable supply
  • Adds an intense cheese taste and a great crunch
  • fits today's consumption trends

Nut mix inspiration

  • Breakfast mix
                  Flaxseed                           almonds                               raisins                             apricots                                 popped gouda
  • Energy mix
        Chia seed                   dried cranberry’s              dark chocolate chips        popped white cheddar
  • Healthy mix
                   Walnuts                     dried veggies                 roasted chickpeas               popped goat
  • Italian mix
           Italian herbs                      almonds                                hazelnuts                         pistachio                               popped edam
  • Spicy mix
            Wasabi nuts                      dried corn                          peanuts                     popped chilli cheddar
  • Teriyaki mix
        Edamame beans               sesame seeds                       cashews                        macadamia                       popped red leicester
  • Tropical trail mix
            Dried banana                dried mango                      cashews                               coconut                            popped emmental

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