Industrial bakeries

For centuries, cheese has been a very popular topping on bakery products. However, the use of fresh cheese as a topping on these products is a challenge. From an industrial-technical perspective, moist, sticky, grated cheese is a challenge while processing. From a marketing perspective, the end result of melted and brown coloured cheese is not always visibly attractive. However, there must be a better alternative. There is a better alternative!

cheese topping crackers industrial bakeries upgrated up-grated dried grated cheese

The savoury taste of cheese is commonly accepted and combines very well with, among other things, croissants, crackers and biscuits. For the bakery industry adding cheese helps to differentiate their range.

With the application of extremely dried grated cheese on bakery products, the benefits are twofold. Because our product is extremely dry, it is very easy to process industrially. So no smearing or sticking on the production lines. Even the level of fat release is minimal. On the other hand, there is the marketing technical advantage. This is perhaps even more significant. If our extremely dried grated cheese is applied as a topping just before baking, it will retain its clear and light cheese colour. In addition, the product does not melt during baking. This will enable you to surprise your consumer with a visually attractive end product that distinguishes itself on the shelf due to the bright colour. Bakery products with a dried grated cheese topping stand out, look more premium and importantly have a surprisingly crunchy bite.

Benefits of dried cheese for industrial bakeries

  • easy industrial handling
  • no moisture migration < - >
  • water activity < 0.45
  • moisture content < 4%
  • long shelf life
  • clean label
  • colour stable
  • shape stable