Fresh food manufacturers

As a producer of pre-packed fresh food you continuously try to amaze your consumer. New standards apply in the fresh food manufacturing industry. Consumers become increasingly critical and less likely to accept “artificial” food. Products must be pure and natural, and produced sustainably. We present our innovative cheese products at the intersection of these two principles, especially for fresh food manufacturers. Read all about it!

cheesepop as crouton for fresh food manufacturers

Whether it concerns pre-packed fresh salads, pastas, soups, pizzas or fresh meals, as a producer you want to deliver an experience of fresh food. By adding a bag of croutons, your consumer will feel like they carry out the finishing touch themselves with minimum effort. After this satisfying action, they are rewarded with a crispy experience on their fresh dish. The French word “crouton” has become an age-old tried and tested concept. Tasty, but in line with expectations.

Imagine how surprised your consumer will be when, instead of experiencing just the crunchy mouthfeel, they also experience a surprisingly concentrated cheese flavour. A truly rich topping that adds taste to your dish. Our 100% cheese products provide this effect. Popped cheese or dried grated cheese, different in shape, but both surprisingly crunchy and available in various tasty cheeses.

Benefits of crunchy cheese for fresh food manufacturers

  • 100% cheese
  • airy and crunchy
  • water activity < 0.45
  • moisture content < 4%
  • clean label
  • long shelf life
  • available in pre-packed sachets
  • fits today's consumption trends