Veganpop® food service concept

In food service, our popped plant-based cheese finds its way to the consumer as a snack and as crouton. In these diverse applications, we always serve our business customers with a concept that is fully tailored to their needs. Discover our Veganpop food service concept.

Cheesepop for food service

Quality, speed and ease

An essential requirement in food service is quality. Also, ease and speed are of major importance. Consumers choose for you, only if you deliver it all. Our food solutions make you win on all areas, so make sure you are ready today for the trends of tomorrow! Plant-based is booming. Plant-based cheese maybe even more.

Veganpop is the only 100% plant-based ball as alternative to popped cheese. Due to its unique way of popping Veganpop is surprisingly airy and crunchy. Serve your guests this delicious snack with their drinks or use it as crouton in your professional kitchen on salads or in soups. Available in Gouda cheese flavour and very suitable for food service.

Benefits of Veganpop for food service

  • 100% plant-based snack, crouton or topping
  • free from allergens
  • intense cheese flavour, great crunch
  • easy handling and shelf-ready packaging
  • no refrigeration required
  • long shelf life, limited food waste and loss costs
Veganpop retail concept popped plant-based cheese 20g bag SRP
Veganpop® food service concept

Our branded 20g ℮ bag

A traditional bag made of real kraft. In line with the topseal of our cups, so the consumer becomes immediately aware of the high quality of our products. The attractive design instantly triggers to experience our slogan yourself: surprisingly crunchy! Our small bags are intended for the ‘on-the-go’ consumer who is craving for an instant energy boost. This can be while travelling, after a workout or during the day, or as, for example, a minibar snack in hotels.

Veganpop retail concept popped plant-based cheese 65g cup SRP
Veganpop® food service concept

Our branded 65g ℮ snack cup

A round – crystal clear – APET cup with a kraft topseal. This authentic type of packaging instantly communicates what to expect. A high-quality product made of 100% plant-based cheese. Fully visible from outside the packaging, which makes it even more tempting to experience our slogan yourself: surprisingly crunchy! Our cups are intended for consumers who are looking for a ready-to-eat, pure, savoury snack that they can instantly serve their family and friends when enjoying a drink together.

Veganpop® food service concept

Our branded 500g bag

The branded 500g bags can be used in professional kitchens (or for crazy fans…). Cheesepop is the perfect 100% plant-based cheese crouton for every dish. The use of popped plant-based cheese on, for example, salads and soups gives your meal just that extra you were looking for.