Instant food manufacturers

Applying real cheese in instant soups, pastas, noodles or cereals turned out to be a long-cherished desire of instant food manufacturers. However, the moisture content in fresh cheese was far too high to manage. Luckily, old limitations no longer apply. We are happy to present our disrupting food solutions. Fully in line with the trends of today’s consumers. Read all about it!

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Not only did the high level of moisture make it very complicated to process cheese on existing dry production lines, but an even greater limitation was the short shelf life and the need for chilled storage of this fresh cheese. This made that cheese as an ingredient in dry snack products wasn’t an option. The only alternative available to the food manufacturing industry was cheese powder, giving snack products a cheese taste, but it lacked the visual experience of real cheese.

Gouda dried grated cheese Freeze dried cheese
Instant food manufacturers

Dried grated cheese

Until now, it has not been possible to surprise your consumers with instant meals that contain 100% cheese. However, our dried grated cheese will open up a world of possibilities for you. Due to the long list of available cheese varieties, endless meal combinations can be made. We are convinced that we will surprise you with our innovation and that you will surprise your consumers with your creation!

Benefits of dried cheese for instant food manufacturers

  • rehydrating returns original cheese structure
  • premium nutritious ingredient
  • intense cheese taste and structure
  • no refrigeration required
  • water activity < 0.6, long shelf life
  • moisture content < 6%