Freeze dried dehydrated cheese

Retaining nutrients, flavour and colour of cheese while increasing its shelf life and application possibilities is achieved when adopting freeze-drying techniques to dehydrate cheese. The freeze dried food market is expected to develop and grow significantly, resulting in less food waste. However, the process of freeze-drying cheese is complex and expensive.

Cheese as ingrediëntfor for dry snack mixes freeze dried cheese alternative keto friendly snack
We developed a less complex and costly technique while the same benefits apply: popping or drying cheese. Like we do with our Cheesepop® and UP-grated® brands. However, an extra benefit is added; cheese becomes crunchy! As such, real cheese can be used as ingredient for dry snack mixes, energy bars, freshly prepared meals, pre-packed ready meals and shelf stable instant meals or bakery products.

Benefits of popped cheese and dried grated cheese

  • 100% cheese
  • airy and crunchy
  • retains colour
  • retains flavour
  • moisture content < 4%
  • water activity < 0.45
  • shelf stable
  • no moisture migration < - >
  • retains nutrients
  • endless applications