As crouton or topping

Popped cheese and dried grated cheese are the ultimate cheese topping, made of 100% cheese. Not only does this give them a wonderfully concentrated cheese taste, but it also ensures a nice crunchy bite. As a crouton or topping, our crunchy cheese is particularly suitable for fresh food manufacturers. Our innovative toppings enrich, among other things, salads, pastas, pizzas and soups. We offer small pre-packed sachets that can instantly be added to fresh ready meals by the industry.

Cheese topping crouton Freeze dried cheese

For the catering and food service industry we also offer our products in bulk bags, to easily sprinkle our crunchy cheese toppings on freshly prepared meals. Because our products are free of artificial additives such as preservatives and flavouring, they are appreciated by chefs worldwide to be used in their professional kitchen. Enjoy your meal!

Benefits of popped cheese and dried grated cheese as crouton or topping

  • 100% cheese
  • airy and crunchy
  • shelf stable
  • long shelf life, no waste
  • clean label
  • many cheese varieties to come
  • concentrated cheese taste
  • fits many diets