as ingredient

Using real cheese as ingredient for dry snack mixes, energy bars, freshly prepared meals, pre-packed ready meals and shelf stable instant meals or bakery products can be challenging. But old restrictions no longer apply with our crunchy 100% cheese products! So enjoy the endless opportunities, as a result of the extremely low water activity (< 0.4 aw). Discover the endless possibilities of our popped and grated cheese products.

Cheese as ingrediëntfor for dry snack mixes freeze dried cheese alternative keto friendly snack

benefits of popped cheese and dried grated cheese as ingredient

  • 100% cheese
  • airy and crunchy
  • clean label
  • shelf stable
  • moisture content < 4%
  • water activity < 0.45
  • easy industrial handling
  • no moisture migration < - >
  • preparation with hot water melts cheese again
  • long shelf life