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cheese croutons as ingredient

cheese croutons

The demand for convenient food is growing, driven by social tendencies, like lack of time and people spending an increasing share of their time outside home. Equally important is the quality and experience of the food people consume. Manufacturers of prepared foods are challenged to develop ready meals that meet the demand of the modern consumer in a highly competitive market. Innovation and differentiation are key in the battle for consumers.

Traditional bread croutons will no longer make you win. Popped cheese will. Our crunchy balls of 100% cheese are the ultimate topping for over a salad, in a soup or on a carpaccio, offering an intense cheese taste, creating a real surprise. 

advantages of popped cheese as crouton

  • shelf stable and long shelf life
  • premium nutritious topping
  • no refrigeration required, sustainable supply
  • adds a great crunch and intense cheese taste
  • wide variety of pre-packed sachet solutions
  • fits in today's consumption trends

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Annelice Keizer
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Annelice Keizer
business development manager

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