Private label

We pack our popped cheese and dried grated cheese in two types of packaging. Small bags and large bags. For each packaging type, various weight options and dimensions can be chosen. Additionally, we offer a variety of packaging materials. You can choose a transparent or white foil on which we print the required information, however you can also create your own artwork and fully customise the foil.

Private label concepts
Private label

Popped cheese under your label

Popped cheese, our crunchy cheese balls. Delicious as a snack, but also great to be used as crouton, or as ingredient in the food manufacturing industry. By popping the cheese, crunchy and airy cheese balls are created, with an intense cheese taste.

Benefits of popped cheese

  • 100% cheese
  • concentrated cheese taste
  • airy and crunchy
  • long shelf life, no waste
  • clean label
  • shelf stable
  • as snack or crouton
  • new applications for cheese
Dried grated cheese private label
Private label

Dried grated cheese under your label

Dried grated cheese, our crunchy cheese strings. Not only can they be used as crunchy grated cheese topping on a wide variety of dishes, but it is also a unique ingredient for the food manufacturing industry. By extremely drying the grated cheese, the strings become surprisingly crunchy with an intense cheese taste.

Benefits of dried grated cheese

  • easy industrial handling
  • shelf stable
  • water activity < 0.45
  • moisture content < 4%
  • colour stable
  • shape stable