UP-grated® ingredients concept

Discover the unique possibilities of our crunchy 100% cheese products as an ingredient in your food products. Old restrictions no longer apply. With a water activity of less than 0.4, a world of possibilities opens up for you.

Cheesepop factory ingredient Food manufacturing industry

Ever been dreaming about an ambient dairy ingredient, that is clean label and easy to process at the same time? Probably yes, until you were thrown back with both feet on the ground by your fellow food technologists, saying that this combination just doesn’t exist. You need to deal with technical limitations, limited shelf life and inflexible storage conditions. Until today. So let us tell you all about it!

UP-grated® is a unique ingredient or topping for the food manufacturing industry. By extremely drying the grated cheese, the strings become surprisingly crunchy with an intense cheese taste.

Dried grated cheese non-branded
UP-grated® ingredients concept

Our 10g - 40g ℮ sachets

The plain small bags can be used in the fresh food manufacturing industry as topping sachet for ready meals, pre-packed salads, soups, pastas and pizzas.

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