An innovative label that appeals to business customers for its quality, sustainability, natural origin and clean label. Also looking for something new? Try our UP-grated® extremely dried grated cheese!

Dried grated cheese non-branded

As a brand owner, our core values are reflected in the products we design. Our dried grated cheese is introduced to different industries as part of our two concepts under the UP-grated® brand.

Cheesepop factory ingredient Food manufacturing industry
Our concept

UP-grated® ingredients

Discover the unique possibilities of our crunchy 100% cheese products as an ingredient in your food products. Old restrictions no longer apply. With a water activity of less than 0.4, a world of possibilities opens up for you.

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Cheesepop for food service
Our concept

UP-grated® food service

In food service, our dried grated cheese finds its way to the consumer as a topping or ingredient. In these diverse applications, we always serve our business customers with a concept that is fully tailored to their needs.

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Our UP-grated® dried grated cheese is increasingly popular in various industries and as you can see suitable for many purposes. So we are happy to tell you all about it! However, you can also check-out our UP-grated video on our YouTube channel.