A unique label that appeals to consumers and business customers for its quality, sustainability, natural origin and clean label. Also curious? Cheesepop® …surprisingly crunchy!

keto snack

As a brand owner, our core values are reflected in the products we design. Our popped cheese is introduced to different industries as part of our three concepts under the Cheesepop® brand. With minimum words, we aim for maximum impact. You could call it Dutch Design.

The design of our Cheesepop® consumer packaging focuses on educating the consumer about our innovation. We intent to communicate the unique properties of popped cheese, since we cannot expect our consumers to understand the added value of something they haven’t seen or tasted before. What can you, for example, expect to be the mouthfeel of Popped Cheese. Are you curious about the philosophy behind our Cheesepop® brand? Get in touch with us or follow us on LinkedIn

retail shopping
Our concept

Cheesepop® retail

Our popped cheese is appreciated for its surprisingly crunchy bite. It is usually available in the cheese or snack department of the supermarket. Due to the fact that our 100% cheese products are shelf-stable, online retailers can easily sell and ship our products at room temperature!

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Cheesepop for food service
Our concept

Cheesepop® food service

In food service, our popped cheese finds its way to the consumer as a snack and as cheese crouton. In these diverse applications, we always serve our business customers with a concept that is fully tailored to their needs.

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